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History of Music Palace


    On November 26, 1982 The owners of the Springdale Music Palace opened their doors for the grand performance of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.  Families from all over came to hear this King of Instruments and dine in.  All the organists take special requests from the patrons to play music they wan to hear.  They also performed sing-a-longs where they would lower a screen and play children songs were everyone can sing with the organist.  Truly, this is a one of a kind experience. One that children of all ages will remember and be inspired by.

    On June 5th, 1992, a fire occurred in the organ's console at the original Music Palace in Springdale, Ohio.  The fire destroyed the organ's inner workings, leaving only its two sides (as displayed on the walls of the entranceway and exit), its pedal board and bench.  The pipes, toy counters, player piano, wind chests, and other parts, which were unharmed by the fire sat in storage, waiting to see what their future would be.

        In June of 1998, the doors opened at our brand new Music Palace.  Today, our Mighty Wurlitzer is better than ever.  The new console includes expanded memory systems and rhythm systems.  The inner walls of the organ chambers have been sound proofed with special acoustical materials.  And, our specially-designed new building is conducive to a greater range of tone.

    As in years past, music loves are enthralled with the "King of Instruments" - The Mighty Wurlitzer.